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"Villa Toucan certainly lives up to it's name - a birder's paradise with close-up views of many of the region's top birds.  Both types of toucans, aracari, oropendula, cuckoos, hawks, parrots, flycatchers of all sorts, hummingbirds and much more!"
Peter, Blue Hill, Maine


"Such a beautiful place. We enjoyed waking up to the monkeys and watching for Toucans from the balcony."
Sybill & John, West Creek, NJ

"I have never seen a toucan in my life and the moment we got here, there were 20 on a tree waiting to welcome us.  We even got a free Howler Monkey alarm clock!  We saw soooooo much!!!"
Mia, USA

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Keel Billed Toucan taken by Villa Toucan guest Jimmy Daniels from the guest house Keel Billed Toucan        photo taken by Villa Toucan guest Jimmy Daniels

Costa Rica is known for it's colorful bird, the toucan. At Villa Toucan, you will see 3 kinds of toucans and in very high numbers. These include the keel billed toucan, the chestnut mandibled toucan and various toucanitos, a smaller toucan.

Toucans are distinguished by their large and colorful beak - which they use to break open nuts from trees. They make several different types of loud calls or songs - that you will quickly recognize as the call of the toucan.

At Villa Toucan, guests are guaranteed to see up to several dozen toucans per day. Most toucans, as well as other birds, are sighted in the early morning and late afternoon hours or anytime after a rainfall.

In addition to the toucans, this a bird watcher's paradise, where we promise you won't be disappointed! Common sightings include a range of hummingbirds, the laughing falcon, nighthawks, cuckoos, owls, vultures, flycatchers and much more.
As a courteously to our guests, we provide you a set of high powered binoculars and leading wildlife and bird watching books for reference.

Chestnut Mandibled Toucan
Chestnut Mandibled Toucan
Toucan ito


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